What to Wear to Your Photo Shoot...Part 2

November 23, 2016  •  2 Comments

So awhile back I blogged about what to wear to your photo shoot, hence the title of the blog.  Well, I thought I'd follow up to that by sharing some client photos and pointing out what I think made their outfits work.  And yes, this is my opinion and not based on any scientific evidence.  I will say that I've been fortunate in that all of my clients have been exceptionally well dressed...knock on wood.  So if your photos didn't make it into this blog, it's nothing personal, I'm just trying to keep it short.


Example #1: 

What I love about this: everything's so coordinated!  Dad's shirt really ties everything together with the yellow in his daughter's shirt, blue in her shorts, and blue in mom's dress.  His shirt even goes with the little girl's red shoes.  And I love the red shoes!  They give the photos just a pop of color and make it a little bit more interesting.  We've also got patterns with dad's shirt and in the shoulder's of the girl's shirt.


Example #2:

What I love about this: this family kept it simple with only 2 colors and a little bit of pattern.  It also goes great with their chosen setting...the beach naturally!  This is Florida after all.  Another thing about these clothes is that the blue clothing really brought out everyone's blue eyes.  


Example #3:

What I love about this: they all match, but in a good way!  So normally I don't like group photos where everyone matches, but this family did in a way that just made them look cool.  You'll notice that although their shirts and pants match, they've got enough difference to not make them look like they're wearing uniforms.

Family posing with their dog in Florida ParkAll in the FamilyFamily posing with their dog in Florida Park.


Example #4:

What I love about this: the pattern on her dress.  The pattern on her fits just fits so well with the leaves in the background and the tree she's leaning against but doesn't look like camouflage.  The setting for this photo was select beforehand but I love how it works with what she's wearing.  

Maternity Photo Focused on MotherMaternity Photo Focused on MotherMaternity Photo Focused on Mother


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