Great Light and Spectacular Backdrop!

November 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So remember how I said that the beach is Florida's best place for an outdoor photo session?  Well these photos have me thinking differently!  Some of the things I love about Florida is all the nature, especially the Spanish moss and live oaks...although I'm not a fan of the tiny leaves they drop.  They make for a beautiful backdrop and especially when the light hits the trees just right.   


I met this family at local park with beautiful live oak trees and plenty of Spanish moss!  We hit the park at the right time of day for backlit photos and lens flare.  Love the lens flare!  I think JJ Abrams would be proud.  Hey JJ, if you're hiring, just know that I love lens flare too!  Yeah, you can add that in Photoshop but it's much better when you can get those result naturally.


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